Artigua Classical Antiquities and Ancient Art
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Egyptian (190)
Beautiful Egyptian Mask With Red Face! Ca. 600 BC!

Etruscan (17)
Etruscan Pottery Head of a Youthful Boy

Greek (228)
Flawless Greek Attic Black Glazed Stemmed Cup with Iridescense

Roman (191)
Mint Quality Roman Glass Molded Sprinkler Flask with Wide Rim

Holy Land (77)
Holy Land
Ancient Holy Land Pottery Plate

Byzantine (12)
Byzantine Glass Juglet

Near East (95)
Near East
Lively & Complete Near Eastern Bronze Leaping Lion Handle

Far East (863)
Far East
Tang Dynasty, Chinese Painted Pottery Court Man

Native American (32)
Native American
Native American Southwest, Midwest Pottery Bowl

Pre-Columbian (319)
Rio Magdalena Pottery Burial Urn, Woman riding a Sea Turtle
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Other European (10)
Other European
Scarce Urnfield Culture Votive Geometric Designed Bronze Armlets

Other Ancient (63)
Other Ancient
Roosevelt Red Ware Pottery Duck Effigy Jar

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