Artigua Classical Antiquities and Ancient Art
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Egyptian (190)
EGYPT.K Twelve Egyptian artifacts, Mitry and other

Etruscan (17)
Ancient Villanovan Blackware Pottery Cup ; Antiquities

Greek (228)
Roman Bronze Hydria Handle with Head of a Lion

Roman (191)
Roman Gray Terracotta Juglet

Holy Land (77)
Holy Land
Mameluke Stucco Head of a Lion, Fragment

Byzantine (12)
Byzantine Bronze Tripod Incense Burner with Lion Heads

Near East (95)
Near East
Twelve Old Coins From The Mid east, Group R

Far East (863)
Far East
Vietnamese Olive Green Glazed Ceramic Dish

Native American (32)
Native American
Plains Paleo Hell Gap Point, Hitchcock Co., Ne

Pre-Columbian (319)
Pre Columbian Beads, Whorls, Spools, Figurines: MAB.A24
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Other European (10)
Other European
Gorgeous/Wearable Viking 24K Gold Earrings (pair)

Other Ancient (63)
Other Ancient
ROW Group G: Antiquities from the Clyde Pharr collection

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