Artigua Classical Antiquities and Ancient Art
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Egyptian (190)
Egyptian Sarcophagus Cartonnage Mummiform Mask

Etruscan (17)
Rare Italo Etruscan Geometric Bronze Long Necked Horse Pendant

Greek (228)
Scarce Greek Geometric Period Bronze Bead Necklace

Roman (191)
Roman Pottery Oil Lamp with Figure for Handle

Holy Land (77)
Holy Land
Iron Age I Pottery Pyxis Time of King David

Byzantine (12)
Byzantine Pink Marble Octagonal Tile, Greek inscription

Near East (95)
Near East
X Rare & Mint Quality Early Islamic Glass Flask with Iridescence

Far East (863)
Far East
Angkor Vat, A Pair of Khmer Bronze Elephant Bells

Native American (32)
Native American
Black Mesa, Black on White Duck Pitcher

Pre-Columbian (319)
Rare Mayan Rabbit "Paint Pot" Suspension Vessel with Head Rattle
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Other European (10)
Other European
Scarce Urnfield Culture Votive Geometric Designed Bronze Armlets

Other Ancient (63)
Other Ancient
Sabaean, South Arabian, Alabaster Portrait Head

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