Artigua Classical Antiquities and Ancient Art
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Egyptian (190)
Egyptian Limestone Head found in the Holy Land

Etruscan (17)
Etruscan Pottery Head of a Youthful Boy

Greek (228)
Superb Greek Silver Stater from Thebes with Shield and Volute Krater

Roman (191)
Interesting Roman Bronze Sestertius as Scale Armor

Holy Land (77)
Holy Land
Two Roman Pottery Storage Jars

Byzantine (12)
Byzantine Pink Marble Octagonal Tile, Greek inscription

Near East (95)
Near East
Gandharan Stucco Head of a Boddhisattva

Far East (863)
Far East
Ming Dynasty, Chinese Painted Pottery Court Lady

Native American (32)
Native American
Native American, Mississippian Pottery Bowl

Pre-Columbian (319)
Aztec Ceremonial Flint Blade with Rare Crystallization
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Other European (10)
Other European
Scarce Urnfield Culture Votive Geometric Designed Bronze Armlets

Other Ancient (63)
Other Ancient
Roosevelt Red Ware Pottery Duck Effigy Jar

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