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Extremely Large and Attractive Ptah-Sokar-Osiris!
Egyptian : Late Period Pre AD 1000: item #1373373

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the Nile is pleased to present this very large and impressive Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figure. The figure features much of the original white gesso as well as facial features detailed in black. The eyes as well as the chin strap to hold the Osiride beard to the face are painted onto the gesso using a carbon-based black pigment. The figure measures a very large 17.25" in height and is presented on a wooden base for ready display. The horns are ancient from the same period, however they... Click for details

Superb Egyptian Wood Headrest!
Egyptian : Middle Kingdom Pre AD 1000: item #1373371

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the nile is pleased to present this Egyptian headrest in excellent condition. The headrest is carved in three sections with an oval base, a square stem of slender form and a thick tenon at the top of the shaft attach gin the base to the pillow portion of the headrest. The headrest was designed to take the weight of the head, placed above the ear under the center of gravity of the head. Headrests in ancient Egypt were widely used and comfortable for use in everyday life. This... Click for details

Magnificent Published Seated Boat Figure! 2,000 BC! Excellent Price!
Egyptian : Middle Kingdom Pre AD 1000: item #1373307

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the Nile is pleased to present this lovely ancient Egyptian boat figure. The figure features all original pigment and has beautiful traits. The hair is painted in black pigment and is the classic style from the early 11th Dynasty. The boat man wears white clothing with his exposed skin presented in red. His arms remain at his side with unclogged holes remaining in his hands that once held the boat's oars. Similar examples are found in major museums, such as #21.800 at the Boston... Click for details

X-Rare Near Eastern & Egyptian Bronze Slashing Sword
Egyptian : New Kingdom Pre AD 1000: item #1359731

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This extremely rare weapon is a bronze slashing sword that dates circa 1800-1200 B.C. This remarkable piece is approximately 21.4 inches long, by 2.25 inches wide at the point where the blade meets the shank of the weapon. This piece was hand forged into one piece from bronze, and is a thick and heavy bronze weapon. This powerful weapon also has a blade that slightly graduates in width from the shank to the blunt end, and this blade section of the weapon is slightly curved. The straight... Click for details

Ptolemaic Stone Head of a Lion, Time of Cleopatra
Egyptian : Ptolomeic Pre AD 1000: item #1351367

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Veined Red Stone Head of a Lion, Ptolemaic / Early Roman, ca. 2nd Century BCE - 2nd Century CE. Ex: James William McChesney, Nefane, NY (1820 - 1897 CE) Sold at auction Christie's New York. Stone is 5" x 5 1/2" x 4", On stand 9" high. In excellent condition. For similar see Metropolitan Museum collection, gallery 128, Head of a Lion, Ptolemaic Period, 400 - 300 BCE, Accession Number:2012.235. Ptolemy I Soter I, also known as Ptolemy Lagides (c. 367 BC – 283/2 BC), was a Macedonian general... Click for details

Egyptian Coptic Hair Styling Comb
Egyptian : Coptic Pre AD 1000: item #1350681

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Egyptian Coptic, Double-Sided Hair Styling Comb, 2nd - 6th Century CE, Wood with Animal motif of lion and horse. 10" x 3 1/2", on custom stand height is 11". Professional repair, vertical, otherwise in excellent condition. According to the History of World Hair Comb Museum, Joann Fletcher, British Egyptologist and specialist in hair analysis, says that in archaeological researches "Hair is invaluable in the study of general day-to-day living conditions, as well as supplying information on diet... Click for details

Attractive and Esoteric Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask: Ex M. El-Gabry
Egyptian : Third Intermediate Pre AD 1000: item #1338941

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This attractive Egyptian wooden mummy mask dates to the Third Intermediate Period, 21st-24th Dynasty, 1070-715 B.C. This esoteric piece is approximately 5.6 inches high, by 4.5 inches wide, by 3 inches deep. This piece was likely from the inner coffin lid of a large sarcophagus. This piece is also solid, and has original light red and black paint over stucco that is adhered to the wooden surface on the front side of the piece. The paint and stucco are both very stable, and there is no... Click for details

Pristine and Detailed Egyptian Amulet of Bes!
Egyptian : Late Period Pre AD 1000: item #1333517

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the Nile is pleased to present this superb blue-green faience Bes amulet dating to the Late Period, 700-30 B.C.. The amulet remains intact and with tremendous detail standing with bowed legs, beard and a highly-detailed headdress. The dwarf deity remains intact with unclogged suspension hole and measures an impressive 2 1/4 inches high. Bes was the God of children, games and laughter. Always depicted as a dwarf with a grotesque, bearded face, tail, feathered headdress, bowed legs... Click for details

RARE Egyptian Amarna Relief! Akhenaten Offering Scene!
Egyptian : New Kingdom Pre AD 1000: item #1332392

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the Nile is thrilled to present this amazing and extremely rare limestone Amarna relief. This is a finely incised talatat fragment dating to the Amarna Period (18th Dynasty, 1344-1344 B.C.) and depicts a hand and arm of Akhenaten and rays from the solar disc. Faint traces of red pigment remain within the rays. Images showing a similar complete scene are attached. This is an extremely rare and affordable opportunity to acquire a detailed piece of an Amarna relief. The relief... Click for details

Large Lot of 53 Amarna Amulets!
Egyptian : New Kingdom Pre AD 1000: item #1332247

Relics of the Nile

$1,975.00- Sale! 

Relics of the Nile is pleased to present this magnificent lot of 53 Amarna glass amulets (ca. 1,353-1,323 B.C., New Kingdom, Amarna Period). The amulets remain with beautiful, rich colors and glaze, which has made Amarna period amulets so desirable. The lot is made of a grape bunch thistle, blossoms, fish, dancing Bes, wedjats, a wedjat ring (band made from another ring), poppys, leaves, petals and more. These amulets form a very bright and impressive display. Perfect for any collection. ... Click for details

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