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Beautiful Intact Greek Gnathian Kylix! W/Medusa Stamp!
Greek : South Italic Pre AD 1000: item #845939

Relics of the Nile


Offered here is an outstanding Greek Apulian Kylix. The kylix has a splendid body form with beautiful intact handles that curl slighly upward at the tips. The feature of this piece is the nice band of grapevines that surrounds the piece on both the inside and the outside. In addition, this kylix features Medusas' stamp, which adds even more value and beauty to this piece. There is little wear to this piece and it remains fully intact and without restoration. The pitcher dates to the 4th... Click for details

Beautiful Large Greek Standing Aphrodite! 5th Cen. B.C.
Greek : Helenistic Pre AD 1000: item #824692

Relics of the Nile

$800 (On Sale Formerly $1,000) 

Relics of the Nile is pleased to present this ancient Greek terracotta figure of a Boeotian maiden (possible Aphrodite) from the Classical Period. She stands on a rectangular plinth with her left hand on her stomach and her right hand resting on what is possibly the edge of a piece of furniture or the top of a large jug. She wears a garment that ancient Greek women at the height of the Classical period wore with a nicely styled beaded necklace and flowing hair. The facial features are very... Click for details









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