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Sasanian Bronze Prancing Lion
Near East : Sassanian Pre AD 1000: item #1389725

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Sasanian Bronze Prancing Lion, ca. 6th - 7th Century, With pleasing face, rounded eyes, tail curled over back. Right leg lifted. In excellent condition, 1 7/8" x 1 1/2" x 1", on stand height is 2 1/2". Ex: S. Beiner collection, Florida. The Sasanian Empire, also known as the Sassanian, Sasanid, Sassanid or Neo-Persian Empire, was the last kingdom of the Persian Empire before the rise of Islam, and was named after the House of Sasan; it ruled from 224 to 651 CE.

Large Sasanian Stone Recumbent Lion
Near East : Sassanian Pre AD 1000: item #1352915

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Large and heavy Sasanian Recumbent Pitted Stone Lion, ca. 5th - 6th Century CE. Stylized lion lying on one side with tail between legs. Pleasing smile with flared nostrils. Note Some repair and Head is Contemporary reconstruction, left ear broken. Fissure encircling neck probably due to reconstruction. 10" high x 17" wide x 12" deep. Heleanor Feltham writes in her paper "Lions, Silks and Silver, The Influence of Sasanian Persia," The Sasanian Empire (224–637 CE) was founded by Ardarshir I, who... Click for details









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