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Stylized Scythian Bronze Recumbent Stag Bridle Plaque
Other European : Scythian Pre AD 1000: item #1373329

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This stylized piece is a Scythian bronze bridle plaque in the form of a recumbent stag that dates circa 5th century B.C. This piece is approximately 1.2 inches high, by 1.3 inches long, by .22 inches thick in the main body of the piece. This interesting piece is a stylized seated recumbent stag that is seen looking back, with his horns arcing up at the front. There is also an extended ear seen below the horns, an elongated neck, a snout touching the hind quarters, and a hole representing a... Click for details

Detailed Viking Bronze Protector Buckle/Brooch with Floral Elements
Other European : Viking Pre AD 1000: item #1339808

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This pleasing piece is a Viking bronze buckle that dates circa 9th-10th century A.D. This intact piece is approximately 3.4 inches in diameter, and is complete save for a small edge chip. This large example has a detailed hand stamped dotted double border, and a raised central boss that has a hole in the center that is approximately .5 inches in diameter. There is a smaller hole, at the side of the central hole, that has a folded pin within that rotates back and forth. This bronze pin also... Click for details

Viking Fine Designed Bronze Bracelets with Intricate Details
Other European : Viking Pre AD 1000: item #1339561

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


These two fine designed pieces are two matching Viking bronze bracelets that date, circa 9th-10th century A.D. These two Viking culture pieces are approximately 3 inches long, by 2.6 inches in diameter for one bracelet; and the other bracelet is slightly larger and is approximately 3.1 inches long, by 2.8 inches in diameter. Both of these beautiful examples have matching hand stamped intricate pattern design work, and they were made from a single sheet of bronze, hand stamped, then folded into... Click for details

Complete Viking Bronze Pendant with Stylized Christian Byzantine Cross
Other European : Viking Pre AD 1000: item #1339132

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This nice piece is a Viking bronze pendant that dates circa 9th-10th century A.D. This piece is approximately 1.7 inches high, and the round plaque section is approximately 1.2 inches in diameter. This piece was made from two sections, one being the flat round plaque, and the other, is the strap loop that has a single rivet securing it to the main body of the piece. The round plaque has a hammered dotted border, and a hammered Christian Byzantine type cross design that has a round center. ... Click for details

Scarce Urnfield Culture Votive Geometric Designed Bronze Armlets
Other European : Germanic Pre AD 1000: item #1319158

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


These two scarce bronze pieces are from the Urnfield culture, and date late Bronze Age, circa 13th-10th century B.C. These two matching detailed pieces are each approximately 4 to 3.6 inches in diameter, as they are elliptical in shape. They each have an opening that is approximately 1.22 inches wide, and these were made to fit on the upper or lower arm. Each piece also has an incised "line-and-herringbone" design that is seen running around the entire outer edge of each piece, and runs from... Click for details






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