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Scarce & Complete Atlantic Watershed Volcanic Stone Joined Couple
Pre-Columbian : Costa Rica Pre AD 1000: item #1411615

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This scarce and complete piece is an Atlantic Watershed volcanic stone joined couple that dates to Period V-VI, circa 800-1200 A.D. This piece is approximately 6 inches high, by 5 inches wide, by 1.75 inches thick, and is a complete example with no apparent restoration and/or repair. The Atlantic Watershed classification is commonly used for carved volcanic pieces of this type that are from Central America, principally Costa Rica. This piece was carved from a volcanic stone, and has... Click for details

Intact & Scarce Chimu/Inka Seated Priest with Sacred Spondylus Shell
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Pre AD 1000: item #1407189

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This scarce piece is a scarce Chimu/Inka seated priest and dates circa 1000-1400 A.D., and is approximately 8.2 inches high. This piece is intact, and has some minute spotty black mineral and white calcite deposits. This seated priest ceramic has an orange/red slip that covers the entire vessel, and he is seen wearing a raised conical hat, along with a cape that is tied under the chin. The figure seen here with almond shaped eyes, and the typical conical hat, is also often associated with... Click for details

Expressive Jama-Coaque Bust of a Shaman with Facial Tattoos
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre AD 1000: item #1406949

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This expressive piece is a Jama-Coaque bust of a shaman that dates circa 500 B.C.-500 A.D., and is approximately 4.5 inches high. The Jama-Coaque culture lived in the tropical forest coastal region of northern Ecuador near the Esmeraldas River, and they produced high quality ceramics with detailed features. One such piece is the detailed bust offered here, and it is a bust of a shaman with incised fine-line facial tattoos. This piece is a fragment of a complete individual, and this type is... Click for details

Complete & Scarce Votive Gold Muisca "Tunjo" Warrior/Priest Figurine
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre 1492: item #1406678

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This complete and interesting piece is a votive gold Muisca "Tunjo" warrior/priest figurine that dates circa 10th-16th century A.D., and is approximately 2.1 inches high, by 9 inches wide at the shoulders, by .45 inches deep at the extended feet. This piece is a solid example and weighs approximately 8.5 grams. This piece is also complete, has no restoration/repair, and was cast as one solid example. This piece was not worked and polished after casting, and is as it was when it came out of... Click for details

Massive Vicus/Early Mochica Gold Gilt Bronze Ceremonial Pectoral
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Prehistorical: item #1405428

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This piece is an extremely large Vicus/Mochica gold gilt bronze roundel-pectoral that dates to the Early Intermediate Period, circa 400-200 B.C., and is approximately 16.2 inches in diameter. This massive piece covered the upper torso of a priest during a religious ceremony, and hung around his neck from three holes seen at the top. This extremely rare bronze roundel-pectoral also has a gold gilt surface on both sides, and had a great deal of powerful eye appeal for the ceremony, as this piece... Click for details

X-Large & Impressive Mayan Brownware Tripod Vessel: Ex Sothebys
Pre-Columbian : Mayan Territories Pre AD 1000: item #1399734

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This extra large and impressive piece is a Mayan brownware ceremonial tripod vessel that dates to the Early Classic Period, circa 450-650 A.D., and is approximately 13 inches in diameter, by 9 inches high. This impressive piece is a thick walled light to dark brown terracotta ceramic, that has three "slab type" legs attached to the flat base. This tripod bowl vessel is also somewhat heavy, and the three attached "slab type" legs have identical decorative architectural elements molded onto the... Click for details

Scarce & Mint Quality Massive Inka Bronze Battle Ax: Ex Marschall
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Pre 1492: item #1399042

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This scarce and mint quality piece is a heavy bronze Inka battle ax that dates circa 1440-1532 A.D., and is approximately 5.5 inches long, by 6 inches high from blade tip to blade tip, by 1 inch thick at the blunt terminal end. This massive piece was cast as one piece, then hand beaten into shape with a slightly sharp blade. This piece has a hole in the blunt terminal end, and a rod ran through this hole to hold this heavy piece in place in the wooden shaft. This heavy piece obviously... Click for details

Sacred & Votive Hard Stone Valdivia-Chorrera Hache with Esoteric Shape
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre AD 1000: item #1398950

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This esoteric green hard stone piece is a Valdivia-Chorrera hacha that dates circa 1500-600 B.C., and is approximately 5.85 inches long, by 4 inches wide, by 1.7 inches thick. This piece was produced by the Valdivia-Chorrera culture that lived in modern day Ecuador, and was one of the earliest pre-Columbian cultures of South America. This piece is a votive type object and is shaped as a battle ax, and is a type that is also referred to as a "hacha". This piece was smoothed and polished into... Click for details

Spiritual Huari Polychrome Double-Spout Vessel with Flying Avian
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Pre AD 1000: item #1394151

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This spiritual piece is a Huari double-spout vessel that dates circa 800-1000 A.D., and is approximately 6.2 inches high, by 5.4 inches in diameter. This piece is painted with vibrant colors in reddish-brown, cream, gray, and black colors. This piece shows a flying avain (parrot?) on each side, and is seen over a reddish-brown background. The bottom half of this vessel is painted with a dark gray color, along with the two raised spouts. This type of vessel is also known as a "bridge type"... Click for details

Intact & X-Large Colima Standing Ceremonial Shaman: Ex Sothebys
Pre-Columbian : Western Mexico Pre AD 1000: item #1394012

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This intact and x-large piece is a Colima standing shaman/priest that dates to the Protoclassic Period, circa 100 B.C.-250 A.D., and is approximately 17.8 inches high. This powerful piece has a dark red glaze that covers the entire piece, and has some spotty dark black and brown mineral deposits, along with some attractive root marking. This figure is seen holding a rattle in his left hand, and a curved implement in his right which may be a ceremonial knife. He is also seen wearing a shell... Click for details

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