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Intact & Complete Olmecoid Standing Polychrome Mother Goddess
Pre-Columbian : Mayan Territories Pre AD 1000: item #1022403

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This interesting piece is an Olmecoid standing figurine that dates circa 600-300 B.C. This piece is approximately 6 inches high, is a light tan clay, and has a thin light tan to clear polychrome glaze. This piece is intact, and has a solid body and a mold made hollow head, which was attached in antiquity. This figure is seen with both arms at the side, and the hands are positioned at the front holding a paunchy stomach, which indicates that this piece is a fertility and/or mother goddess. In... Click for details

Life Size Chimu Pottery Head of a Bridled Llama
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002491

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Life Size Chimu Pottery Head of a Bridled Llama, Peru ca. 1200 CE. Animal wearing bridle with tall conical spout at center of head. Large almond shaped eyes and small ears. 12 1/4" high and intact with restored hairline across base. Monumental artifact and in excellent condition. T.L Tested for Authenticity. The distinctive pottery of the Chimú aids in dating Andean civilization in the late periods along the north coast of Peru. Chimú culture was based on agriculture, aided by immense works of... Click for details

Vicus Pottery Avian Stirrup Vessel
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002488

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Vicus Pottery Bird Stirrup Vessel, Peru, ca. 100 BCE - 200 CE. Curved beak and small round eyes. Rear spout and bridge handle in form of seated bird. Red brown ground with traces of cream. 8 1/4" high. Beak, spout rim and one toe professionally repaired, otherwise intact and in very good condition. The predominant Vicus vessel forms are bottles, including double-chambered whistling bottles. Whistles and whistling bottles were made as early as 1000 BC in Peru, and have continued to be produced... Click for details

Maya Polychrome Cylinder depicting Chief
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002412

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Maya Polychrome Cylinder depicting two Chiefs, ca. 600 - 900 CE, from El Salvador - Honduras border. Two standing chiefs wearing elaborate feathered headdress. Upper glyph band with stylized profile heads. 5" high, intact and in excellent condition.

Maya Polychrome Tripod Cylinder
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002405

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Maya Polychrome Tripod Cylinder, ca. 600 - 900 CE, from Ulua Valley Honduras. Standing on short feet. Wide center band with zoomorphic creatures in profile. Upper and lower bands with geometric elements, figures and heads in profile. 8" H x 6 3/4" D. Intact and in excellent condition.

Intact & Dramatic La Tolita Terracotta Votive Simian/Shaman Mask
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre AD 1000: item #905917

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This dramatic piece is from the La Tolita culture that is from northern Ecuador, Esmeraldas region. The La Tolita culture takes its name from a famous site that is located on an island at the mouth of the Santiago River. This superb piece dates circa 400 B.C.-300 A.D., is a light brown terracotta, and is approximately 3.75 inches high by 4 inches wide. This piece is a mask that depicts a simian and/or shaman, and the expression is quite dramatic, as the fine detail of the teeth and nose is... Click for details

Rare & Mint Moche Sacrificial Rite Vessel with Six Figures: Ex Benger
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Pre AD 1000: item #853880

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This rare vessel is from the Moche culture, that dwelled in modern day northern Peru, dates circa 500-700 A.D. and is from the Moche IV phase of ceramic development. This piece is intact with no repair/restoration, is in mint quality condition, and is approximately 8.25 inches high. This red-brown and cream colored ceramic is a rare piece, as it is a type of vessel known as a "sacrificial rite vessel". This piece has six figures on the vessel including a Moche standing owl deity seen at the... Click for details

Mayan Bowl With Chief Design!
Pre-Columbian : Mayan Territories Pre AD 1000: item #824702

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the nile is pleased to present this Mayan bowl from Guatemala, ca. 500 - 800 AD. The bowl features solid color with an excellent, detailed design of chiefs that repeats around the circumference of the piece. The bowl remains in solid condition and the body remains intact with the exception of some chipping on the rim that has been slightly repaired in one place. The bowl measures 6" in diameter and has evidence of extensive usage, good root marks and mineral deposits.

Intact Jama-Coaque Seated Shaman with Coffee Bean Symbols
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre AD 1000: item #824649

Apolonia Ancient Art
303-321-7351 gallery


This interesting piece is from the Jama-Coaque culture that lived in the tropical forest coast region of northern Ecuador near the Esmeraldas River. This area is also the region where the Spaniards first encountered the native South Americans. The piece offered here is approximately 10 inches high, dates circa 500 B.C.-500 A.D., and is intact, save for some missing coffee bean ends seen on the headdress and a very small section of the headdress behind the right ear, and this may have been done... Click for details


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