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Jama Coaque Pottery Vessel, Man & Consort
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre 1492: item #1184537

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Jama Coaque Pottery Vessel of a Man and Consort, Ecuador, ca. 400 BCE - 500 CE. Terracotta hollow vessel, male figure on seat of authority with ceremonial costume. Stylized Consort stands on shoulders appears above head. 10 1/2" high, in very good condition with some repair to Consort. Ex: The Lands Beyond, New York. Jama-Coaque community existed between 355 BCE 0 1532 CE and inhabited the areas between the Cape of San Francisco in Esmeraldas to the north of Manabi. It was developed in an area... Click for details

Two Aztec Pottery Ceremonial Censers with Portrait Head & Rattle
Pre-Columbian : Mexico Pre AD 1000: item #1183413

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Sold Separately for $900 Two Aztec Pottery Ceremonial Cercers with Portrait Head & Rattle, Mexico, ca. 550 - 950 CE. Painted black & red with unglazed areas, applied stylized human head with clearly defined features on base. Open geometric pattern, Both are repaired from original pieces with restoration over the break lines. 5 1/4" high x 8 5/8 long x 4 3/4" wide. Incense burners (or censers) are a regular part of household artifact inventories at Aztec-period sites in central Mexico. People... Click for details

Chimu Inca Pottery Figural Kero Effigy Vessel
Pre-Columbian : Peru and Bolivia Pre 1492: item #1182739

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Chimu Inca Pottery Effigy figure holding a spondylus shell and wearing a botanical headdress. Peru, ca 1200 - 1500 CE. His face in a wide grin, hands clasped in front. Deeply incised facial features, hair, and clothing, 9" x 5" x 6", with custom stand. Ex: Arte Primitivo, New York. The Chimu people (900-1450 CE) of Peru produced distinctive blackware pottery. The vessels were created by smoldering flames during the firing and then buffing the surface to produce a dull sheen. Many of the pottery... Click for details

Sinu Pottery Effigy Vessel with Four Female Figures
Pre-Columbian : Columbia and Ecuador Pre AD 1000: item #1053986

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Sinu Pottery Effigy Vessel, Colombia 500 - 1000 CE. Globular form with motif of four women with bare breasts and registers of glyph like scrawls. Flared lip and footed base. Intact and in excellent condition. 10 1/2" high x 11" diameter. Ex: Milford Nemer collection, MI. According to the book Across the Pacific: From Ancient Asia to Precolombian America, By Christian Lemoy, ceramic and gold working relationships probably existed between the Sinu cultural and those of Panama and Costa Rica. The... Click for details

Vicus Pottery Avian Stirrup Vessel
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002488

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Vicus Pottery Bird Stirrup Vessel, Peru, ca. 100 BCE - 200 CE. Curved beak and small round eyes. Rear spout and bridge handle in form of seated bird. Red brown ground with traces of cream. 8 1/4" high. Beak, spout rim and one toe professionally repaired, otherwise intact and in very good condition. The predominant Vicus vessel forms are bottles, including double-chambered whistling bottles. Whistles and whistling bottles were made as early as 1000 BC in Peru, and have continued to be produced... Click for details

Maya Polychrome Cylinder depicting Chief
Pre-Columbian Pre AD 1000: item #1002412

Griffin Gallery Ancient Art
tel 561-994-0811


Maya Polychrome Cylinder depicting two Chiefs, ca. 600 - 900 CE, from El Salvador - Honduras border. Two standing chiefs wearing elaborate feathered headdress. Upper glyph band with stylized profile heads. 5" high, intact and in excellent condition.

Mayan Bowl With Chief Design!
Pre-Columbian : Mayan Territories Pre AD 1000: item #824702

Relics of the Nile


Relics of the nile is pleased to present this Mayan bowl from Guatemala, ca. 500 - 800 AD. The bowl features solid color with an excellent, detailed design of chiefs that repeats around the circumference of the piece. The bowl remains in solid condition and the body remains intact with the exception of some chipping on the rim that has been slightly repaired in one place. The bowl measures 6" in diameter and has evidence of extensive usage, good root marks and mineral deposits.




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