Artigua, Classical and Ancient World Arts

•  Community   •  Members   •  Participation Principles: is a community of professional dealers committed to the preservation and scholarship of early art objects, promotion and awareness of International rules of trade and acquisition, accurate representation and assurance of authenticity. Listings on Artigua must predate AD 1492. Members may list those and later items within their individual catalogues and within the TROCADERO community to which Artigua belongs.

Membership is available to professional dealers of ancient art who are dedicated to integrity, honesty and ethical conduct in the antiquities trade. Acceptance into Artigua is granted at the discretion of a committee of members (Oversight Committee) working with the site moderator. All members are required to guarantee their merchandise in writing on an invoice or certificate of authenticity which must state approximate age, origin, condition and restoration, if any, of all pieces that are sold. Further, all members must adhere to a return policy for any item a sufficient question is determined to exist as to its description (authenticity, age, condition, attribution, etc.) for a period of at least one full year (although a lifetime guarantee is preferred). No fees other than shipping fees may be deducted from any refund for reason of return as might be determined, per above, by the Oversight Committee.

To ensure that the standards outlined in this code of Principles are kept by its members, Artigua will have a standing Oversight Committee. This Committee will act as arbiter in the event a customer approaches Artigua about a purchase they feel violates this code. If the information gathered about a sale from both seller and buyer indicates a refund is warranted, the Oversight Committee may require the member to pay such a refund. In the event the company refuses to do so, they will be asked to leave Artigua. Only companies who remain in good standing are invited to continue their participation in Artigua.

Communications and contracts involving transactions and guarantees are between the individual members of Artigua and their clients. While the Oversight Committee may hear or act on complaints, Artigua makes no guarantee on behalf of its members and does not otherwise communicate with or make any representations to members’ clients. Any decision by Artigua or another entity to reverse a sale becomes the direct and exclusive business of the member and their client.

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